🚨NFT Application

How we use NFT now

Traditional Mindset

Nowadays, NFT is only considered as a digital asset or a membership pass. In other words, it is just a JPG. However, the market underestimates the potential of NFT, especially for the Holders.

Most of the Holders hold and wait for the project team to run the brand. It may be effective for the holders who only look for natural growth in the value and bet on the project team. But, the most valuable point of NFT is ownership, which means all value-added to the NFT can ultimately convert into holders' gain.

Instead of Store, You should Upgrade NFT!

When you own an NFT, actually you have your own brand! Every NFT is unique, and how the holders endow differences with others is the key to the next NFT era.

What if your bored ape did more than others? What if your cyberpunk already has a fashion series? Never wait for the opportunity or the project team's success. As NFT holders, we should create it!

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