AI Fairy
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How we develop this project?
2022 Q2:
  • Concept development and research for AI Fairy project
  • Seed funding round for initial development and team building
2022 Q3:
  • Begin development of AI chatbot technology and NFT artwork design
  • Launch private sale for early supporters and investors
  • Begin community building and social media outreach
2022 Q4:
  • Launch public sale for AI Fairy NFTs
  • Develop game mechanics and user interface design
  • Establish partnerships with other NFT projects and gaming platforms
2023 Q1:
  • Launch alpha version of the AI Fairy game and chatbot
  • Introduce Chat to Earn and Play to Earn features
  • Launch first series of AI-generated content
2023 Q2:
  • Expand the AI Fairy ecosystem with new features and activities
  • Launch DAO and governance mechanisms for community input and decision-making
  • Host community events and giveaways
2023 Q3:
  • Launch mobile app for AI Fairy game and chatbot
  • Develop additional AI-generated content for NFT art projects
  • Establish partnerships with major players in the gaming and NFT industries
2023 Q4:
  • Launch full version of AI Fairy game and chatbot
  • Introduce NFT breeding and breeding marketplace
  • Host major community event to celebrate the project's success and growth