PEX Overview

The Fairest Decentralized Spot and Perpetual Exchange which support Crypto and RWA margin trading on zkSync

About PEX

PEX aims to become the fairest decentralized perpetual trading platform by providing RWA and crypto leverage trading and improving upon existing PerpDEX primitives and rounding everything off with a game-theory-inspired Auto-Equilibrium Engine (AEE).

PerpDEX Dilemma – High APR with low-interest alignment

The zero-sum game nature among Govern token holders, Liquidity Providers (LP) and Traders has dictated their relationships to be competitions rather than cooperations. Typically, the DEX ends up in a death spiral after having their glorious moment.

Our position

PEX stands for Perpetual Equilibrium Exchange. With PEX's unique AEE system, this protocol aims to solve the PerpDEX dilemma by aligning incentives among parties. From Nash-equilibrium to collective best-payoff. "Trade Fair, Gain More".

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