Governance Token Staking

Governance token staking allows PEX token holders to participate in the platform's governance process and earn rewards for their involvement.

  • Staking PEX Tokens: Users can stake their PEX tokens in the governance staking pool, allowing them to participate in governance decisions and vote on proposals.

  • If investors hold PEX and PRT, they have no reward. When the investors stake PEX for the stPEX to earn the PEX fee pool reward, the PRT reward will be generated. PRT generate rate is 100% APR. If investors hold 1000 PEX for 0.1 years, they can get 100 PRT.

  • If the fee pool for PEX has 100ETH to distribute, and the sum of total stPEX and stPRT is 1000, then each stPEX or stPRT can get 0.1ETH throughout the period

  1. e.g. if investors have 100 stPEX and 200 PRT, you can only stake maximum 100 PRT to stPRT.

  2. e.g. if you have 200 stPEX and 200 stPRT, if you unstake 100 stPEX to PEX, the system will automatically unstake 100 stPRT to PRT as well

  • Governance Rewards: Users who stake their PEX tokens for governance purposes earn rewards, typically distributed in PEX tokens or other supported tokens. The rewards are calculated based on the user's share of the staked PEX tokens and the current reward rate.

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