Introduction of LP Token


PLP is backed by multi-class assets for the protocol liquidity in swap and leverage trading. For investors, they can mint PLP by staking qualified asset types as the LP providers. In return, PLP holders can enjoy fee distribution, trader loss and PEX emission under the AEE mechanism. Apart from the normal Perp DEX, there is a difficulty level supported by the mathematical engine to control the PLP mint and ensure the balance in interest between new joiners and early investors.

Staked PLP token address (zksync): TBC

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Minting Difficulty

  • In order to prevent the return dilution with the PLP inflation, a complex minting difficulty will be set as a gatekeep for the additional PLP minting.

  • In a certain period, there will be Max total supply (LMT) and Target total supply (TGT)* which can satisfy the protocol trading needs. Also, the real-time total supply at mint (CUR) will be marked in the difficulty calculation.

  • To mint/buy PLP, please purchase on:

  • For details, please refer to the LP staking Page:

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