Reward Distribution

The protocol net income (including handling fee) will distribute to PEX staking holders, PLP staking holders and traders by a specific ratio. The reward distribution mechanism ensures fair and transparent rewards for both LP and Governance token staking. The formula for fee distribution is suggested as follows:

After referral bonus and keeper operation cost:

Trader pool (for the selected trader)

X% (Depends on the protocol performance)

PEX pool (for stPEX and stPRT holders)

M% = 0.3*(100%-X%)

PLP pool (for PLP holders)

N% = 0.7*(100%-X%) (>expected APR P%)

To guarantee a P% APR for PLP holders:

If N < 30%, the system will automatically maintain N = 30% with the Emission.

  • Reward Calculation: The platform periodically recalculates reward rates for both LP and Governance token staking based on real-time market conditions and platform metrics.

  • Auto-Equilibrium Engine Role: The Auto-Equilibrium Engine (AEE) plays a crucial role in adjusting reward rates by monitoring market conditions and platform data. This ensures that users receive competitive and sustainable rewards for their participation in staking activities.

  • Claiming Rewards: Users can view their earned rewards through an intuitive dashboard and claim their rewards at any time, providing flexibility and convenience.

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