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PSRG tokenomics
The main theme of tokenomics of PSRG is for long run. Our advantages
  1. 1.
    Low entry barrier
  2. 2.
    Stable return
  3. 3.
    Cute Princess
  4. 4.
    Low Tax
  5. 5.
    Development supproting the beginning reward pool.

Reward Pool Start-up Fund

The development team will put 80BNB into reward pool as the starting fund. Therefore player should not be able to go P2E freely. Devs team will obtain more tax from the trading before the start-up fund is covered. The ingame spending will not be affected. If the BNB pool is done, we will issue a new token as reward pool and fill the LP by the team.

Level up

Also we provide level uping system for ingame spendings. To make the game long and sustainable.
We are considering to draw a new skins for level uped princess. But we are still considering.