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Princess Class

Pain Bringer

Pain Bringer Princess are born with power. But they wil still bring you pain. Pain Bringer Princess will deal massive amout of damage , huge crit % , but they are very squish , better put them into backline and be well protected. You know, princess need love and care.


Fighter Princess born to be a worrier. They deal good amount of damage and can able to resist a lot of damage. They are very good at fighting with enemies. With good dodge chance and crit chance, they are the best worrier to defeat demon and monsters.


Shielder Princess are born to protect others. They have the best tankiness and durability. They can take a lot of damage without dying. However , they are not very good at dealing damage. So make sure you pair them with the pain bringer.


Caster Princess are Princess who able to control Runes and Magic. They are good at dealing magic damage. They do magical damage that ignore defense.
However , they do have lower damage output and lower stats , make sure you use them right.


Right Princess are born with freedom. They are not the strongest , but they always have a way to finish the mission. They are lucky and agile. Which will bring you more BNB rewards and dodge the deadly attack from boss.