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Princess NFT

Princess NFT
Zinnia , Pirincess of Hope
Zinnia in battle

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All SSR & SR princess will have 2 outlook, one would be their fully body outlook and one will be the battle outlook. The battle outlook is 100% anmiated.

NFT Stats

Health Health is the HP of the princess, once the hp down to zero, the princess is unable to fight.
Attack The damage that princess deal.
Defense The damage reduction of the princess.
Dodge The % of Princess that dodge the attack.
Crit Rate The % of Princess dealing 175% damage Luck Luck will increase the total reward. After 12 days , Princess Luck will be reduced by 6 per day , maximum decreased to -30.
Magic True / False, if Magic == true , the damage of the princess will ignore def.

In-game spending

Princess will be able to level up. More details will be announced very soon.