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Econ & Reward Claim


You will receive a random treasure box for reward. After opening the treasure box, you will receive a Gem. The Gem will provide you BNBs, different colour of Gem will provide different rewards.
Green Gem
Purple Gem
Red Gem
Shining Gem
Blue Gem
PSRG colour
reward ratio
There will have 5 Zone at the beginning
Zone 1 , basic reward: 0.012 ~ 0.324 BNB , luck can further increase it.
Zone 2, basic reward: 0.015 ~ 0.405 BNB
Zone 3, basic reward: 0.018 BNB ~0.486 BNB
Zone 4 -basic reward: 0.022 BNB ~0.594 BNB The reward is now down to 80%.
Zone 5 - not opened yet

Reward Claim:

Claim Cooldown : 7 days
Claim Tax : 25% If you have 100 BNBs to claim , you can claim 100BNBs.
If you claimed last day have 100BNBs again to claim, you will claim 75 BNBs and remove all BNBs to claim to zero.


Buy Tax : 5% 2% for the marketing wallet 3% for the reward pool
Sell Tax : 5% 2% for the marketing wallet 3% for the reward pool Protection Sell Tax : 12% To protect the value of the token, the first launch day we will raise the sell tax to 12%. And reduce the sell tax by 1% everyday, after 1 week , the sell tax will down to 5%. In early stage team will get more tax to do better marketing. In the early stage of the game we will stop the convert between NFTs sell to reward Pool. Since it will sell too much token and make the price drop , we will hold it and sell convert to BNB reward later. Yet, the team will add 80 BNBs of "starting reward pool". In game Spending 80% Reward Pool 10% Burn 10% Team
Update 1st May The In game Spending of NFTs will go upto 15~40% Team when we issue patch of NFTs. It is to create incentive for team to keep development the game. We will have Princess of Summer patch very soon.
Update 8th May
In game Spending
50% Reward Pool 50% Burn
Tax 7/7%
Update 22th May
Level up 10000 PRSS, +100 luck , Attack & HP 1.2X
Price Changed
80% Reward Pool 50% Burn